1. To eradicate the mass illiteracy in the villages, diffusion of useful knowledge (78-R)
  2. To take up and work the institution known as Gandhigram at Chinnalapatti, Ambathurai, in the Madurai District founded by Dr. (Mrs.) T.S. Soundram Ramachandran, which is being run for the aforesaid charitable objects.
  3. To work for the reconstruction of the Social order in our country along the lines laid down by Mahatma Gandhi (i.e.) building up of a ‘casteless and classless’ society of complete justice to the common man through wholly non-violent effort and with special emphasis upon the social and moral values of manual labour.
  4. To train workers and especially women for the various items of the Gandhian constructive programme.
  5. To undertake educational reconstruction in villages through Nai Talim (Pre-Basic, Basic, Post- Basic and Adult Education)
  6. To organize village sanitation and health and medical and maternity services in villages and to train workers for the same
  7. To organize village economic self-sufficiency through agriculture, cattle rearing, dairy farming, provision stores, marketing, village industries etc. on a co-operative basis.
  8. To organize peasants, village artisans and agricultural laborers on a non-violent lines with a view to the raising of their standard of life in general.
  9. To train students for village work.
  10. To organize Gramaseva Sangams.
  11. To establish welfare institutions for women and children in villages.
  12. To give children abandoned or surrendered in Gandhigram Kasturba Hospital run by the Trust and / or children from the orphanage run by the Trust to bonafied persons who would like to adopt to take under guardianship the children and who are capable of bringing them up.
  13. To work for the eradication of all caste, communal and provincial distinctions which hinder the development of healthy national life and thus to bring about the spirit of universal brotherhood among all the people.
  14. To Co-operate with other organizations doing constructive work promoting cottage industry and especially with the Madurai District Constructive Workers Sangam.
  15. To secure the co-operation of the Government and the public.
  16. To do all such things as may be necessary for the furtherance of the above objects of the Trust, but shall not include activities for profit.  The income shall be applied for charitable purposes in India.

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