Dr. Soundaram Trust


In memory of the founder of Gandhigram, Dr. Soundram Trust was started on February 26, 2009. The Gandhigram Press, which was under Lakshmi Seva Sangham since  1977  has  been  brought under  this  new  trust  on  the  date  of  registration.

The Trust was started with the objectives of
•    Relief to  the poor
•    Relief of economically and socially disadvantaged or needy women & children
•    Undertaking activities employing rural poor particularly women without any profit motive.
•    If  the  units  so  started  incidentally  have  any  surplus  it  should  be  used  for supporting
Sowbhagya Illam, Avvai Ashram children and orphanage maintained by  Gandhigram  Trust  and  for  any  other  educational  and  medical  activities undertaken  by  Gandhigram  Trust  and  likeminded  organizations  working  in the  field.

The Main Objectives
1.    To promote, organize and maintain economic activities for the relief to destitute women, orphans or the physically challenged disadvantaged women or children, small and marginal farmer’s indigent artisans or senior citizens.
2.    To undertake Income generation activity and such other functions pursuant to the development of economic activities mentioned above for the relief of above mentioned persons specifically and generally to all poor.
3.    To encourage and promote research in the techniques of production of Khadi or in the development of Village Industries or to provide facilities for a study of the problems relating to Khadi or Village Industries.
4.    To undertake, assist or encourage the production of Khadi or Development of Village Industries and related activities and also apply and get reorganization from Khadi & Village Industries Commission for such activities.
5.    To co-operate with other organizations having similar objectives and especially with the Gandhigram Trust, Gandhigram, and extend financial support to orphanage maintained by Gandhigram Trust and other activities.
6.    To  do  fundamental  research,  develop  and  propagate  natural  dye  and  other related  works.
7.    To  utilize  the  services  of  rural  women  and  men  for  such  manufacturing activities   which  it  deem  fit  to  be  use  with  the  intention  of  providing employment  opportunity.
8.    To  form  establish  and  maintain  SHGs  and  form  federations  and  undertake Micro  credit  and  Micro  enterprises  including  departmental  study  training centers and others.
9.    To  start  and  manage  a  printing  press  and  control  activities  in  the  nature  of printing materials for Gandhigram Trust and other sister institutions and other relevant institutions and others with a motive of giving employment potential for  rural  women  and  others  and  publish  books  relevant  to  the  ideology  and others.
10.    To start and manage centers for training youths in self-employment and job-oriented courses and others.
11.    To canvas and to have programmes for a-forestation and ecological balance.
12.    To have programmes   for all-round development of villages   and rural communities and other for the benefit of all the members of the community.
13.    To grant scholarships and free-ships and free food to the poor and deserving students.
14.    To start and maintain old age homes and other related charitable activities.
15.    To conduct Training programmes for propagating Khadi and Village Industries, Traditional system of medicines and conduct programmes for the destitute women, orphans and those who are in need of training.
16.    To  work  for  the  reconstruction  of  the Social  order  in  our  country  along  .the lines laid down by Mahatma Gandhi i.e. Building up of a casteless, classless and gender just society of complete justice to the common man through wholly non violent effect and with special emphasis upon the social and moral values of manual labour.
17.    To  do  all  or  any  of  other  charitable  activities  as  indicated  conducive  to attainment  of  the  above  objects  of  the  Trust  and  furtherance  of  the  objects, but  shall  not  include  activities  of  profit.  The income will be applied for charitable purposes.
The ‘Relax’ Sanitary Napkin Unit and Natural Dyes Unit run by Gandhigram SHG-Federations were, on their request taken over by Dr. Soundram Trust with effect from 01-10-2010.

1.    Publication Division (Gandhigram Press)
The Gandhigram Press started by Dr. T.S. Soundram in 1950 was merged with Lakshmi Seva Sangham on 01-04-1977, and transferred to Dr. Soundram Trust with effect from February 2009. At present eight persons are engaged in this Publication Division. This Division is publishing quarterly News Letters of Gandhigram Trust, a weekly namely ‘Naam’ for the Gandhigram Rural Institute and few ublications on Rural Welfare for Gandhigram Institute of Rural Health and Family Welfare Trust. In addition this division has been catering the needs of sister institutions of Gandhigram.

On the basis of the basic objectives of the Trust this division has contributed a total sum of Rs. 50,000/- to the following institutions in 2009 – 2010:

a. Sowbaghya illam             Rs. 10,000
b. Kasturba Hospital, Gandhigram        Rs. 10,000
c. Avvai Ashram, Sivasailam            Rs. 5,000
d. Santhi School, Sivasailam            Rs. 5,000

In 2010-11 the Trust has also helped a poor widow from a nearby village and two higher education studying poor students. It is proposed to help poor patients in rural areas coming for medical treatment to Gandhigram Kasturba Hospital.

2. Natural Dyes Research and Training Centre:
One of the objectives of Dr.  Soundram Trust  is  to  do  fundamental  research, develop and propagate Natural Dyes and other related works. Based on this objective the Natural Dyes Unit was transferred to Dr. Soundram Trust with effect from 01-10- 2010. Except Research and Development in natural dyeing which is part of a research and development project other related services are under the control of Dr. Soundram Trust.
Presently this centre is engaged in natural dyeing of yarn and Khadi cloth and propagate its health prospects. It also undertakes dyeing of organic yarn for NGOs. The centre has been imparting training on the preparation of natural dyes to the persons sponsored by NGOs at a reseasonable cost.
The centre has developed five natural water colours and they have been given to children for trial. On receipt of feed backs from them we will probe the possibility of propagating them amongst others.

3. Sanitary Napkin Research & Training Centre:
There was a felt need that the health conditions and menstruation hygiene of rural  poor  has  to be  taken  care  of  and they have to  be  educated about  the usage  of Sanitary Napkins. They have also to be trained in the production and the Centre of Research and Training was transferred to Dr.  Soundram Trust with effect from 01- 10-2010. Propagation of the usage of Sanitary Napkins are on the way and the products are to be distributed to the students of Savikashram and Kasturba Hospital and others of Gandhigram Trust.

Office Bearers
1. Dr. R. Kousalya Devi    –     Life Trustee
2. Shri. M.R. Rajagopalan    –    Managing Trustee
3. Shri. K. Shivakumar    –    Secretary
4. Shri. S. Sankararaman    –     Treasurer

General Body Members
1. Dr. R. Kousalya Devi
2. Shri. M.R. Rajagopalan
3. Shri. K. Shivakumar
4. Shri. S. Sankararaman
5. Ms. K.S. Neela
6. Mrs. R. Revathy
7. Mrs. N. Ramuthai
8. Shri. J. Ananda Gandhi
9. The Vice-Chancellor
10. The Director, GIRH & FWT
11. Shri. S. Murugesan
12. Smt. S. Amala
13. Smt. C. Muthu Priya
14. Smt. R. Gita Ram

Jobs / Opportunities

News / Events

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