Kasturba Hospital


Kasturba Hospital - Front Entrance

Kasturba Hospital – Front Entrance

Avvai Rural Medical Service was started in 1943 in Pappanchavadi, near Adayar, Chennai by the well-known social worker late Dr.T.S.Soundram.  In 1947 it was shifted to Chinnalapatti where it started functioning as Kasturba Maternity Home.  In 1952 it had a capacity of 22 beds.

Kasturba Hospital was shifted from Chinnalapatti to its present premises in the year 1957.  The main building was inaugurated with 100 beds on 24.12.1962. This hospital which was started as a Maternity and Child Welfare Centre has now grown into a well-equipped General Hospital to meet the health needs of men, women and children.  Now the bed strength of the hospital is 300.

Kasturba Hospital is staffed by 190 employees.  It is in a rural area and caters mostly to rural population around. This hospital is a Voluntary Organisation, managed by Gandhigram Trust and gives free treatment to poor patients.

Kasturba Hospital - Deliveries

Kasturba Hospital – Deliveries

Deliveries  conducted  from  1947  to  2009           –        90,161

Tubectomies performed from 1961 to 2009         –     2,07,844

“To organize village sanitation and health and medical and maternity services in villages and to train workers for the same“ is one of the objectives of Gandhigram Trust.


  • To give medical care to the rural poor and improve their health status.
  • To provide timely maternity and child health services.
  • To educate the rural people with emphasis on small family norm.
  • To provide Geriatric Care for the needy people.
  • To provide Community Health Services to nearby villages.
  • To train students to serve the rural poor who need health services.


  • gives medical care to the rural poor.
  • provides timely maternity and child health services.
  • implements all methods of Family Welfare.
  • trains Multi-purpose Health Workers (Female) and Arogya sevikas.
  • renders Community Health Services to nearby villages.
  • fits artificial lower limbs below knee and above knee (Jaipur Foot).
  • gives away surrendered or abandoned children in adoption to deserving childless couples.
  • Provides Geriatric Care for the needy people.


Holistic   quality   rural   health   services   at   low   cost.


  • To set up essential health care facilities for achieving health for all.
  • To provide special care for women and children.
  • To train health personnel to serve the rural poor.
  • To give health education to lead a healthy life.
  • To establish extension and rehabilitation services related to community health.
  • To have professionally managed and technology updated health services such as Neonatal Care, Intensive and Emergency Care, Family Welfare Services including Recanalization Surgery, Geriatric Care and Nature Cure and Yoga Services, supportive departments such as X-ray, Laboratory, Blood Bank and Dispensary, social welfare departments such as Artificial Limb  Research Centre (Jaipur Foot),  Child Adoption Centre and Creches


  • Construction of additional 15 bedded Geriatric Ward is going on.
  • Nature Cure and Yoga Research Centre has been developed with all in-patient facilities.
  • Counselling Centre with a qualified Social Worker is functioning.
  • Database for out-patient and in-patient services is ready to operate.
  • Efforts are being made to continue the Multi-purpose Health Workers (Female) Course.
  • An appeal is to be made for donation to purchase digital X-ray Machine and Mobile X-ray Machine.
  • A full-fledged Physiotherapy Unit is to be established.
  • Paediatric Ward, Female Surgical Ward, Emergency Ward, Intensive Care Ward and Upstairs Eastern side ‘A’ Class Wards have been renovated.
  • Maternity Ward, Operation Theatre, Female Medical Ward, Family Welfare Wards, Men’s Ward, ‘C’ Class Wards, Upstairs Western side ‘A’ Class Wards, Laboratory and X-ray department are to be renovated.


Kasturba Hospital - Mother and Child Care Center

Kasturba Hospital – Mother and Child Care Center

Kasturba Hospital provides    a wide spectrum of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Paediatric services. The Labour Room is well equipped to attend to three deliveries at a time and has all facilities for intensive fetal and maternal monitoring.

Number of deliveries conducted in the hospital has been increasing over the years.  The table given below shows this increase.

The hospital has an excellent infrastructure for the care of newborns. A well equipped modern neo-natal intensive care ward which was started in 1984 provides advanced care to newborn babies and has all the facilities to manage premature babies and critically ill babies.  When the newborn is premature and sick a good medical and nursing care round the clock is given.  Every Thursday immunization of children is done as part of paediatric services.

The hospital gives utmost care to newborns and takes all efforts to reduce the Neo-natal Mortality Rate.

NeoNatal Mortality Rate

NeoNatal Mortality Rate

Kasturba Hospital is a referral hospital for high risk obstetric cases and premature and sick newborns for effective management.  Complicated maternity cases are referred to this hospital for safe confinement.  More and more premature and sick babies are referred to this hospital from the nearby villages and also the nearby town Dindigul.  The Paediatric ward takes care of the children of the rural poor and also looks after the abandoned children. The hospital considers Mother and Child Health services as a big social responsibility.


Family welfare Center

Family welfare Center

Kasturba Hospital is a Government recognised Family Welfare Centre and     a large number of mothers come to this hospital for tubectomy operation from far and near. About 3,500 sterilisations are performed every year and about 1,200 mothers undergo Medical Termination of Pregnancy every year.

Kasturba Hospital renders good medical and nursing services, provides suitable accommodation, gives diet which rural patients like, encourages mothers to bring their children with them as they are relieved of the anxiety about their children during their stay and if there is a need, necessary treatment is given to their children and provides an environment, convenient to rural mothers and these things make many rural mothers choose this hospital for sterilisation surgery.

Recanalisation surgery is also a main part of the family welfare services. A woman accepts sterilisation after having one or two children but sometimes she loses one or both the children after some years.  If she wishes, she can bear a child after recanalisation surgery.  Hence the need for recanalisation surgery becomes necessary.  The recanalisation surgery to both women and men is done in the hospital and the success rate is estimated around 60%.

Sterility investigation forms part of the family welfare services.  Infertile couples are properly counselled and diagnostic and therapeutic services    are offered to them.  By utilising these services many infertile couples are blessed with children after treatment.

Kasturba Hospital won the National Award twice and the State Award     fourteen times for the good work done in the field of Family Welfare.

National Award                                                           State Award

1970 – 1971                    1983 – 1984                         1989 – 1990                         1995 – 1996

1971 – 1972                    1985 – 1986                         1990 – 1991                         1996 – 1997

1986 – 1987                    1991 – 1992                         1997 – 1998

1987 – 1988                    1992 – 1993                         1999 – 2000

1988 – 1989                    1994 – 1995


Kasturba Hospital - Geriatric Centre

Kasturba Hospital – Geriatric Centre

Geriatric Ward of Kasturba Hospital caters to medical      problems of old women.


Kasturba Hospital - Nature Care and Yoga Centre

Kasturba Hospital – Nature Care and Yoga Centre

Treatments for various disorders and diseases like diabetes, asthma, coronary, arthritis; infertility, migraine, mental stress, etc. are available at the Nature Cure and Yoga Research Centre of Kasturba Hospital.  Also different kinds of therapies (like hydro, mud, magneto), acupuncture, acupressure, yoga and dietary counselling are available at the Centre.


Kasturba Hospital - Blood Bank

Kasturba Hospital – Blood Bank

Blood transfusions become very essential in obstetric emergencies.  Surgical patients also need blood transfusions even when the surgeries are planned.  Severe anaemic patients and accident patients require emergency blood transfusions.     To save many lives a blood bank    is essentially needed in a hospital.  To meet these demands a blood bank has been set up in the hospital with required equipments.


Telemedicine, a recent advance in medical field is now practised at the hospital.  The Telemedicine Centre of the hospital is connected via satellite to Narayana Hirudayalaya, an advanced hospital at Bangalore concentrating on all heart problems, with all the infrastructure for treatment including heart surgery.

The Telemedicine Centre helps the rural poor who have cardiac problems to get the best cardiac care.  The centre facilitates to consult the doctors at Narayana Hirudayalaya directly and proceed with the treatment.  Excellent inpatient facilities are available in the intensive coronary care ward which has four beds to treat patients with heart problems at any time.

The centre has got connected to Cancer Institute, Adayar, Chennai and Apollo Hospitals for providing urban treatment facilities to the rural patients.


Kasturba Hospital - Arvind Eye Care Clinic

Kasturba Hospital – Arvind Eye Care Clinic

Aravind Eye Vision Centre at Kasturba Hospital is to help the rural people with eye problems.  It is very helpful to number of villages around and is being used by all.  Simple eye problems are diagnosed and treated.  Eye check-up is done at the centre and glasses are supplied from the centre.   Preliminary investigations are done at the centre and Ophthalmologists of Aravind Eye Hospital are consulted through video conferencing.  Patients are referred to Aravind Eye Hospital for surgery and other complications, fixing appointments through the centre.  Doctors from Aravind Eye Hospital visit the centre once in a month and the work of the centre goes on well.


Kasturba Hospital - Adoption Wing

Kasturba Hospital – Adoption Wing

Adoption is the best option for those who have no chance of begetting their own.  Adoption  is  one  of  the  social welfare  programmes  of  the  hospital which is one of the recognized institutions of Government of Tamil Nadu to do In-country Child Adoption. Children either surrendered or abandoned are given away in adoption to deserving childless couples who are sure of not getting a child on   their own due to various reasons.

The adoptive mothers stay in the hospital for some days to know how to care for the baby.  The adoptive couples are instructed to bring the baby to the hospital once a month for check-up.  If the hospital is satisfied about the upbringing, then steps are taken to legalise the adoption.  It is very nice to see that the adoptive child brings happiness in the family of childless couple and the abandoned child also finds a family.  173 children are well placed through the adoption programme of the hospital upto the year 2009.


Kasturba Hospital - Jaipur foot

Kasturba Hospital – Jaipur foot

Artificial Limb (Jaipur Foot) Research Centre has been functioning since 1988.  The research is to improve the quality of rubber foot piece.

Based on the Jaipur Pattern of fitting of artificial limbs below and above knee for patients who have had amputations following accidents and diseases are done in this hospital. 2223 patients were fitted with this artificial foot upto the year 2009.

“The amputees should be happy with self-confidence without depending on others and they should resume the same profession what they have been doing before” is the motto of the centre.


Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC) Programme is implemented in Kasturba Hospital according to the action plan of Tamil Nadu State Aids Control Society (TANSACS).


Kasturba Hospital - Health Education

Kasturba Hospital – Health Education

Kasturba Hospital gives importance to Health Education.  Every day bedside Health Education is given to patients.  Health Education is given to village people during village visits.  Every Tuesday a community prayer is organized followed by health education to patients and their attenders.  In that prayer cum health education meeting they are free to say and ask anything and their questions are answered and their doubts are clarified.


In Kasturba Hospital counseling is given to those who are in need of it. It delivers effective, systematic and scientific counseling to problematic individual and family so as to facilitate them to lead a smooth and happy life.


Kasturba Hospital - Training Programmes

Kasturba Hospital – Training Programmes

Kasturba Hospital trains Multi – Purpose Health Workers (Female), and  Arogya Sevikas and gives short – term training to students from other institutions.

The main aim of the Multi – Purpose Health Worker training is to ensure that the community health services required are carried out.  The services under   Primary Health Care are best carried out by the Multi – Purpose Health Workers. The training period is eighteen months covering three semesters each of six months.  During the last semester these trainees are posted to the Rural Health Training Centres attached to certain Primary Health Centres.

No. of Students trained upto 2009:

Clinical Assistant (Female)           –        22

Auxiliary Nurse Midwife               –       370

Multi – Purpose Health                  –      1177

Worker (Female)

Arogya Sevika                                   –       317

Female Nursing Assistant            –        32

Lab. Technician (Female)             –        33


Kasturba Hospital - Out Patient Care Centre

Kasturba Hospital – Out Patient Care Centre

Out – Patient Department of Kasturba Hospital functions from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.  All the emergencies are attended to round the clock.


The Operation Theatre of Kasturba Hospital is well equipped.  In addition to the large number of Family Welfare Operations, General Surgeries, Caesarean and Gynaecological Operations are also done.


Kasturba Hospital has a well equipped X-Ray Unit, a Laboratory and a Blood Bank. It has a Scanner (Colour Doppler System) to render diagnostic   services   to the rural poor.


Kasturba Hospital - Village Activities

Kasturba Hospital – Village Activities

Kasturba Hospital runs three crèches in three villages.  Community health services are rendered to nearby villages. A large number of rural people are   benefited by these village services. MoU between Kasturba Hospital and Apollo Hospitals is to give world – class health care to the rural poor.  The main aspect is to conduct monthly health camps in villages around Gandhigram with a van equipped with diagnostic equipments to achieve integrated rural development. Eighteen rural health camps were conducted upto the year 2009.

Let the achievements registered by the hospital continue for achieving health for all. 

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